Wedding music in Italy: wedding band or DJ?

There is no single answer.
The advantages of having a DJ are undoubtedly the vastness and versatility of the repertoire, the possibility to better modulate the volumes and to cover more workstations at the same time, as well as a greater effectiveness in engaging the public to dance (many dance songs played live, are much less engaging).

Not all DJs are the same

However, we must say that some club DJs “recycled” in the wedding industry from one day to another, could not perform a wedding party in the right way. The DJ has many advantages respect to live musician, but specific experience is needed: having lots of music on the computer is not sufficient, it’s important to know it and to have specific skills to properly handle a so particular event as a wedding party.
Opt always for a DJ expert in wedding.

Wedding band and DJ? Why not!

But the DJ can also interact very effectively with live musicians. So DJ set and live music options can coexist in the same event. Let’s see how.

One of the possibilities is to leave the aperitif to live musicians (for example a jazz quartet) to which the DJ takes over for the following stages. This is an option that we ourselves have successfully tested in various ProfessionalWeddingDJ events.
Sometimes the DJ intervenes after the piano bar entertainer, even if this option is definitely in decline in recent times.
In all these cases the intervention of the DJ was really important both to break the monotony and diversify the type of entertainment, but above all to involve the guests on the dance floor. Making people dance is a typical skill of a good DJ who obviously has to be good at mixing music!

DJ + Jazz trio or quartett

Another possibility is a four-handed aperitif, in which the DJ and the musician perform simultaneously interacting with each other. We have experienced this particular duet both in the Sax + DJ line-up and in the Violin + DJ line-up. This is a truly original solution that we recommend to our brides and grooms for an event different from the usual.
Finally I want to remind you that much of the success (or disaster) of a wedding party is closely related to the music being played and the skill and experience of the DJ. In fact, very few guests will remember the menu (unless it’s really bad), centrepieces, invitations, cake, or bouquet. Of course, then, they won’t remember the photos or the video (assuming they see them after the party), but if the party has gone wrong, the video will be full of “sad-faces”!
What everyone will remember for sure, is whether they had fun or not, if the music was pleasant and if the DJ was able to create that “magical” atmosphere that makes the difference between a successful wedding party and a flop.
For this reason it is appropriate to dedicate more resources and attention in the choice of musical entertainment for your wedding party and above all in choosing the right professional.

As we often say: rather than the wrong DJ, a simple iPod is better!

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