Why ProfessionalWeddingDJ©?

The professionals of private events

ProfessionalWeddingDJ is a team of 15 talented professional DJs, characterized by long experience. Since the end of the 90s, the DJs of this company, works in the field of musical entertainment in Italy. If we add up all the events where each DJ has performed throughout his career, we can boast a total of more than 1,000 parties and events.

ProfessionalWeddingDJ is not a single DJ, but a group of professional DJs, for high-quality services: Professionalism and Class are our key points!

ProfessionalWeddingDJ will offer an efficient, flexible and clear service. The couples and the Wedding Planners who contact us know that music is a key factor for the success of an event, and we know how to turn into reality the expectations of the customers!

The CEO of ProfessionalWeddingDJ®

The beginnings of the journey
My name is Jody Belli, I’m the CEO of this reality in the wedding music and I work with Assowedding and the international wedding planner Angelo Garini. But, I am also a deejay, since I was 14 years old. My career as a disc jockey began in the early 90s, moving the first steps in private parties that I organized with classmates. In a short time I start to collaborate with clubs and discos in Milan and Switzerland, then focusing in the field of private parties: in the meantime, i start to work in the field of corporate events too, accumulating experience and … thousands of vinyl records. Important in my training as a DJ was also the experience in some radio stations near Milan: the technical mastery that I achieved using the sophisticated equipment of a control room is a winning card that I always play in my performances, and that I transmit with enthusiasm also to my collaborators.

My wedding deejay career
In the meantime, the first requests of my DJ service are coming for the wedding parties: in Italy the phenomenon of “wedding deejay” begins to take hold, in the wake of what has been happening in America for many years, and we start to work hard, following our passion, in this field, for various agencies and wedding planners. Subsequently, selecting the best collaborators known over the years i “build” my “dream team” and i launch “ProfessionalWeddingDJ” (attention: from today is a registered trademark, to protect our customers even more) and It is immediately a success. We played music for thousands of people during weddings around Italy, and we “married” couples from all over Italy and many foreigners: Irish, German, American, British, Russian, Indian. In short, the specialization that I have built in the field, with the help of my team, in the entertainment for weddings, is really remarkable, but this work is always a challenge for us to try to do better. In the last two years, I have also started to collaborate with important national and international blogs in the wedding sector.

Our passion (in numbers) for your wedding party!

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Passion is the base that unites all employees of “ProfessionalWeddingDJ ©”: we love our job and we love doing it in the best way. Satisfaction in making the most of their job for an event of primary importance in the life of a couple is priceless!


The craft of the Wedding DJs is not for everyone and you do not learn in a short time but is refined over the years. Seven years minimum experience in the console of our 15 employees, chosen from the best Italian “Wedding DJ”. The selection was difficult, but we are proud to have created our “Dream Team”


We are always reachable by mail and by phone. For emergencies (changes of songs last second and so on) we give our availability even beyond the usual office hours. On the wedding day, we will be on site at least two hours before the first guests arrive

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