Two DJs, Two styles for your wedding

Claudia is a future bride, young and very confident. She contacted us a couple of months ago for her wedding and we immediately got along. After an in depth review of our website, which included watching the videos and reading our blog, she felt comfortable putting her “most beautiful party” in our hands, which will be held at the end of the summer, in a beautiful location on Lake Como.
We immediately understood from the very onset that the keyword for this wedding party would certainly be “Fun”. “We will be many and rather wild, we would like to dance until late, so the location best be isolated from town to allow us to” said Claudia at the first meeting. We saw this as a real wedding invitation.

Moreover, it’s not often that you get a lot of availability for locations that go on until late at night with high volumes. So, we immediately reassured our bride: it will be a party in full ProfessionalWeddingDJ style: wild but … with class!

Lots of guests, lots of different styles

The only point on which Claudia seemed doubtful to us, however, was precisely the kind of music she and her husband would like. On the one hand, the bride and groom and their friends are fans of the electronic music of the moment, while also winking at hip hop. And on the other hand, there will be several colleagues a bit ‘older’ in age, and Claudia and Roberto’s concern was precisely to try and engage everyone in a fun celebration.
For every wedding, we professional DJs know that we have to balance different musical genres, satisfying and involving the majority of guests and always looking with an expert eye at the dance floor to “adjust the shot”. Each party is therefore generally composed of different phases, different genres and diverse musical styles.
This time, however, it seemed to us that Claudia’s concerns and the type of party that the couple expected merited an ad hoc solution.
We had already experienced the Silent Disco at several times of our wedding parties, a great opportunity to continue dancing with beautiful headphones (supplied to each guest) until late, even in locations with very limited hours.
This time the problem was certainly not the hours… yet the Silent Disco proved to be the perfect ally in this situation.
Here is our ProfessionalWeddingDJ solution for Claudia and Roberto: two consoles, two DJs from our team and two channels where you can tune into your headphones. Each guest will decide on which channel to tune in and will be able to choose at any time to “switch” between DJ 1 and DJ 2, from contemporary music selection to ’70-’80 revival.
This will be a very entertaining event to experience and maybe film to keep as an original souvenir of your wedding: “We’re certainly more than excited about this proposition!” said Claudia and Roberto.