Let’s talk about a significant moment in the celebration of a wedding: the aperitif. It’s a crucial transition from the ceremony to the subsequent celebrations, requiring the creation of a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for the guests. Often underestimated by many wedding DJs (who tend to offer a generic selection), it’s actually a situation that demands considerable experience and good musical taste. At ProfessionalWeddingDJ, we interpret aperitif music with an elegant approach, offering vibrant and classy musical selections.
And from experience, the combination of a saxophonist with a DJ is a solution that can truly make a difference. Listen to the DJ + Sax set we created at the fantastic wedding at Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio!

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DJ + SAX: raise the bar for your wedding!


The collaboration between a DJ and a saxophonist is a “magical” fusion that elevates the level of the wedding, ensuring engagement and elegance, from sophisticated lounge tracks during the initial phase of the aperitif to more dynamic pieces that can be proposed even in the final stages (when people start to dance), always in line with the client’s preferences (specifically, in this article, we propose the saxophonist’s intervention in the initial part of the reception). The DJ, paired with a skilled live saxophonist, can create an extraordinary experience. Bringing together this collaboration is not simple; assembling a team of reliable professionals has been our meticulous commitment, and many couples served by ProfessionalWeddingDJ have appreciated the pure magic that unfolds when these two talents come together.

In this setup, the DJ handles the musical elements, mixing tracks, and providing the bases, while the saxophonist contributes with live saxophone melodies, improvisations, and solos to complement the DJ’s music. This fusion creates an energetic, dynamic, and often unique musical experience, blending the electronic sounds of the DJ with the full and expressive tones of the saxophone.

Experience and synergy are the keys to ensuring a high-level performance.
Jody Belli – PWDJ

A critical aspect lies in the repertoire: it must be precisely coordinated to leave space for the saxophonist to improvise over the backing track. completing the DJ’s set. This can be achieved using specially crafted bases, original songs, or specially edited tracks to allow the sax to fit in, providing us with that groove and typical “warmth” of this instrument. But bewore of inexperienced artists (DJ and saxophonist): they cannot effectively engage the audience. Hence, we emphasize the importance of expertise and preparation for a perfect synergy.


The saxophonist can play various genres at your wedding aperitif: for example, “pure” jazz (classic standards or modern hits with a jazzy touch): sometimes, in the initial phase of the aperitif and during the ceremony, Jazz (played by a solo sax or a small band, like a trio) could be the right key, followed by the DJ’s contribution to “boost the rhythm” or to create lounge and deep&soulful situations.

Are you ready to celebrate with us, with the unbeatable “DJ + Sax” ensemble for your wedding? Follow in the footsteps of our newlyweds Connie and Max, who hired us for the aperitif of their fantastic wedding at Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio: enjoy the LIVE recorded set (the full wedding video will be available soon).

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