DJ for wedding in Italy: sax and DJ set for a romantic (but also enlivening) wedding

On this occasion, we at ProfessionalWeddingDJ have made an interesting stop at Malpensa Airport (connected with the whole world), but very quiet (you do not even feel … to fly a fly) and immersed in the Park of the Ticino: Villa Caproni. The bride, Serena and the groom, Stefano, rely completely to us to choose the soundtrack for their party: it was a perfect fit. For the aperitif, outside, they chose to have the saxophone paired with our DJ set: a winning card, considering the enthusiastic guests comments. We highly recommend it!

The repertoire, as desired by the spouses, was centered in the 80s, with international jazz and bossanova pop hits by Sting, Lionel Richie, George Michael, and not forgetting some famous Italian songs (it’s great for those specially Italy to get married, find a bit of “warmth” typical of Italian music!) And some of the classic jazz standard: in short, a varied and varied repertoire that can also inspire those who are not a jazz club habit.

For the entrance to the hall, a song that enthused all the guests (Joey Ramone – What a wonderful world), reflecting the rock soul of the bridegroom, passionate amongst other things (as you expect from a good rocker) of Harley Davidson motorcycle (and it was just a flamboyant Harley Davidson the way Stefano and Serena moved from the church to the position!).

Lunch continues with a background dedicated to the 80’s and 90’s, with jazz and bossanova versions, without forgetting the present pieces, with some funny interviews organized by friends of the bridegroom (and coordinated by us) and talk of the guests and the witnesses (we have a great wireless microphone suitable for the purpose!).

DJ for wedding in Italy: from the cake cutting to the dancefloor with ProfessionalWeddingDJ

But the moment of cake cutting approaches and goes out into the well’s yard: the magic of the masterpiece of Giovanni Allevi, an Italian pianist well-known abroad, emphasizes a very romantic stage of the reception (possibly, even in this chance, having the saxophonist).

Then, another change of scenario: we professionalWeddingDJ are always ready! This time, three professional DJ consolles to not miss a second of the wedding party. Then go back to the aperitif area for the dessert buffet: here, funky and soul of the seventies, sparkling and “easy” music, much appreciated, for an amazing atmosphere. The party begins to warm up, and we announce to the microphone (we are excellent MCs) that we are ready to move to the tavern of the Villa Caproni location, which we organized as a nightclub: it was a great pleasure to receive the compliments of our married for our work Serena and Stefano had seen the place when it was not yet a “disco style” and they would never have imagined it transformed in this way!

The atmosphere is perfect for dancing, and in fact, its guests start to shake off: it starts in the 70s and 80s, following the requests of George Michael and Wham!, Passing through the great successes of the moment (always selecting the repertoire, pointing to class and fun) and to finish the slow, I’ve got you under my skin – by Frank Sinatra and Bono. Really very exciting.

Keep watching! At the end of the video, you can see up here, the bride has something to tell you! At the next wedding ceremony, ProfessionalWeddingDJ, DJ for class wedding celebrations.

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