Autumn 2023: discover the colors for your wedding in Italy!

This time of year is like a canvas painted in warm hues melting into the first whispers of winter. Autumn, with its dropping temperatures and shorter days, isn’t the conventional pick for weddings. Yet, we’ve played our music (we’re a group of wedding DJs specialized in destination weddings in Italy) for a lot of autumn weddings over time, each turning out to be truly remarkable! But what about the music? Well, this fall offers a plethora of fascinating inspirations to explore. Let’s dive in.


For the rock music enthusiasts out there, a rock-themed wedding could be a fantastic way to showcase your personality and love for this musical genre. In a world where weddings often follow similar patterns, a rock-themed celebration can be a chance to do something unique and eccentric. The vibe at a rock-themed wedding can be electric and unconventional, making it an unforgettable experience for both the couple and their guests.

Let’s highlight the success of “Angry” , the latest single by The Rolling Stones. It’s been the triumphant return of the band and teasing their upcoming album “Hackney Diamond.” Shot on the streets of Los Angeles, the music video features actress Sydney Sweeney in the lead role. Naturally, The Rolling Stones’ new release also sets the stage to revisit their past classics like “Satisfaction,” igniting the dance floor for everyone!

But the rock scene doesn’t end there. Lenny Kravitz is back in the spotlight with “TK421“, a rock-style track with influences from black music. It serves as a teaser for his upcoming album “Blue Electric Light,” set for release on March 15, 2024. This Lenny Kravitz song has an infectious groove that’s perfect for dancing. Let’s not forget his impactful past hits either… take the romantic vibes of “I Belong to You” for instance.


On the dance music side, there are some new gems worth exploring. Purple Disco Machine‘s recent track, “Something on My Mind,” has become a radio hit and a staple on dance floors. Surprisingly, Bob Sinclar has “remixed” an ’80s hit by Matia Bazar, “Ti Sento,” reminiscent of his previous work with “Far l’Amore” by Raffaella Carrà. Although the rhythm might be slightly different this time, the result is top-notch, confirming the impeccable taste of Bob.

Here’s a surprise in the dance panorama: Duran Duran presents “Psycho Killer,” featuring Victoria De Angelis from Maneskin. The Rivaz Remix version emits truly captivating energy! For those who love to revisit old hits, there’s a special edition of Daft Punk’s iconic album, “Random Access Memories” (who can forget “Get Lucky“!), in the new “Drumless Edition,” available since November 17, 2023. Dua Lipa is back with “Houdini,” the highly anticipated single introducing a new chapter after her hugely successful 2020 album, “Future Nostalgia.”


Among the ballads released in autumn 2023, “The Girl That Never Was” by James Blunt is undeniably one of the most poignant. It’s part of the new album “Who We Used To Be” released on October 27. It’s a deeply emotional piece by the singer-songwriter, but given its theme—addressing the sadness and pain of losing a child before birth—it might not suit the most romantic moments like the first dance or cake cutting.

And then there’s “Now and Then,” the latest surprise from The Beatles. The temptation to include it in a wedding celebration, perhaps as a slow dance for the couple or with their parents, is strong. Yet, it alludes to the tumultuous love story between John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Written during a troubled period in their relationship, it might have been Lennon’s heartfelt farewell or a hope for reconciliation in their challenging bond.

That’s why it’s crucial to not just go by the melody but also understand if the song aligns with the context it will be played in. At ProfessionalWeddingDJ, we pay close attention to this aspect, especially with international weddings where the meaning of English songs holds great significance.

In short, if you seek a DJ for your wedding in Italy with an updated, tailored repertoire specifically crafted for your celebration (with multiple preliminary meetings to discuss the artistic aspect), reach out to us. Many PWDJ clients have already joined the experience—contact us now and be part of it!