Zucchero’s next marriage… and his “Sesion Cubana”

Zucchero – Sesion Cubana – The mythical Zucchero is ready for the marriage, for the second time.  As reported by an italian magazine, he intends to reinforce his love with Francesca, close to him for 22 years, even in the dark period of his depression. The Italian singer is  now in a period of great form and creativity, as the new album “Sesion Cubana” reveals. We propose the video of Guantanamera, the best known sinlge. The album is an international project full of warm sounds and with an irresistible rhythm. “Indaco dagli occhi del cielo”, the Italian version of “Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime” by the Korgis, is perhaps the top track  … Even improved in this Caribbean version, more rhythmic,  but still sweet.


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