Why you need our video projection service for Your Wedding in Italy

To enhance the moments of life that you will remember forever

Projections of the bride and groom’s friends: a good idea? Projecting a video showing the wishes of friends who were unable to attend the party, or even a double interview with the bride and groom (and there are thousands of other variations in the same vein…) is an increasingly common practice at wedding parties in Italy. For it to work, however, certain precautions are necessary:

  1. Firstly, let’s start with the right moment to make the screening: we must ensure that it doesn’t, for example, interrupt dancing, and that it is not “stretched” into sensitive moments, such as just before the cutting of the cake, perhaps unexpectedly: there is a risk of it overshadowing these moments….
  2. The lighting conditions must be right (the room must not be too bright) and the area where the projection is made (on a sheet with support) must permit for easy viewing by everyone, without interfering with the movements in the room: it must therefore be decided as soon as possible, without allowing it for the last moment, especially as it takes a few minutes to set it all up. We worked in the best italian villas and hotels
  3. The timing of the video has to be managed professionally, otherwise, if you leave to the “DIY” management of the guests, there will be dead moments… you also have to be a skilled presenter to keep interests high, alternating between music and video moments, as well as a good sound technician (without forgetting to provide microphones for the newlyweds and organizers in the video projection…). it is best to be at least two, especially if the screening is in a different room from that where the reception is held.

And finally, some advice to video makers:

  1. Avoid lengthy videos that that increase party downtime. Anything longer than 10 minutes, and the attention of guests, on average, go below zero..
  2. It’s always best to first send the file to the DJ, via email or flash drive, so a test run can be done on your computer to avoid any surprises.
  3. If the movie has audio, which is almost certain, consider that it must be connected to the audio system or to an amplified speaker: the audio output of the projector speaker (when avaiable) is absolutely inadequate. Among other things, one of the tasks that we have in the management of the audio system, is the continuous adjustment of the volumes of the movie, since they are often never homogeneous in the various clips … in short, it’s more than “attaching a box in a second and it’s done!”.