DJ for weddings also for the civil ceremony?

Symbolic ceremonies in Italy: this is how we do it

Dear ProfessionalWeddingDJ’s friends, thanking you for the many confirmations for the 2021 season, we want to update you with a focus about our services combined with the dj set for weddings with sound system and lights for the reception: our service management and set-up also for the civil ceremony, which in recent years is increasingly in demand, especially considering international weddings in Italy, the area where we work as a wedding dj.

DJ for civil ceremony in Italy: a “full optional” service

Often this ceremony service is carried out by us at ProfessionalWeddingDJ when the civil ceremony takes place in the same location as the reception. It does not matter if in an area other than the one where the aperitif will take place (even if it is often the same): we are ready to carry out the service in the best way, as always, in the “full optional” mode:

Microphone for the officiant, strictly wireless, of the Senheiser brand (the best), with support to allow hands-free reading of documents.

Amplification: 200 watts to spread the voice clearly: especially when the ceremony is celebrated outdoors, it is important to have a powerful and crystal clear amplification (which amateur systems cannot provide ….)

Direction: This is the most important element of our wedding DJ series for the ceremony. You already know our way of working and approaching the event and even in this phase we are no exception. Nothing is overlooked: from the music to welcome the first guests, to the song for the bride’s arrival, to the song that accompanies the exchange of the rings: in short, a complete and dedicated service , which we can face with serenity and safety, thanks to our experience: after years of carrying out this service with passion and care, we are experts.

You will not have a second chance to repeat the ceremony, everything must be perfect

Singing for the entrance that does not start, or starts late, background music that is too loud covering the officiant’s words, microphones that whistle or go “intermittently”, due to the quality …. these are just some of the problems that could occur at your wedding party if you don’t go to professionals: and we at ProfessionalWeddingDJ don’t want that to happen.