Songs for your wedding in Italy: a wedding DJ playlist with the latest hits

Here they are the latest hits for your wedding music, selected by Professional WeddingDJ (your expert wedding DJ in Italy).
Autumn is not a classic wedding season. However, it should be taken into consideration for your wedding in Italian destinations, given the often favourable weather and the beauty of the foliage, along the shores of Italian Lakes (Garda and Como lake), or in the gorgeous countryside of Tuscany (We made great weddings in Florence, for example). We, at ProfessionalWeddingDJ, got really beautiful wedding parties in this season, with our DJ set outdoors during the aperitif (in lovely Italian venues, for example in Venice or by the sea of Liguria).

Also regarding wedding music, autumn gives us some nice surprises that we collected in an autumnal “wedding DJ playlist”.
Find out by taking a look at the playlist on youtube (click HERE), with all the songs we selected for this fall 2018.
Talking about dance music, we mention the solar La Vareda (Cada Vez) by Jude & Frank (very faithful to the original version, recorded in 2000 by Negrocan), Calvin Harris and Sam Smith with their Promises (more than a … promise, it is already a reality, among the hits of the moment) and the pop star of the moment, Dua Lipa, who sings Electricity, a piece born from the collaboration with Silk City.
It comes from the summer, but it is “at the top” now in Italy, My Life Is Going On by Burak Yeter and Cecilia Krull.

Slow dance of bride and groom: Ariana Grande and Drake

In this fall 2018, among the hits, there are only few slow songs. Slow songs are essential in a wedding party to emphasize the romantic moments, and we have selected for you the beautiful Breathin by Ariana Grande, very popular in the UK. Moreover, it is still very played My feelings by Drake (we mentioned it in the post about the summer hits). And, since you enjoyed it last month, let’s go back to citing the so-called “false friends”, that is, the songs that apparently seem perfect for a romantic moment (like the first dance or the cake cutting), but paying attention to their meaning, you discover they are not. One of all: “Let you love me” by Rita Ora, in which the singer regrets having lost the opportunity to be with her love.

I should’ve stayed with you last night
Instead of going out to find trouble
That’s just trouble
I think I run away sometimes
Whenever I get too vulnerable
That’s not your fault
I wish that I could I let you love
Say what’s the matter, what’s the matter with me?

Wedding Entrance song: a bit “crazy” idea

The arrival of the couple in location is a moment usually characterized by the great classics (we have dealt with this, HERE). But if you want to tap into the repertoire of this autumn 2018, High Hopes from the Panic At The Disco group it’s a good idea. This song is raging on the radio, and, thanks to the punchy rhythm and the beautiful, upbeat text (I do not know how, I was gonna be one in a million, Always had high, high hopes) it could be perfect for bride and groom who love to be always up-to-date.

Latin music: a break took place

With the end of the summer, the reggaeton is almost disappeared (the successes of the summer, which you can find in this post, still remaining in vogue). However, as we are tireless music “explorers” (we always dedicate a lot of time to musical research), we point out a really unusual collaboration between Janet Jackson and Daddy Yankee, with their Made For Now: go and listen to it, with the other songs, in our wedding DJ playlist.
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