Wedding DJ + Sax in Italy @La Cantalupa “da Vittorio”

Friends of ProfessionalWeddingDJ that you have decided to marry in Italy, to help you choose the right DJ service for marriage, here we are with the “live” report of Valentina and Claudio’s wedding (so, we from ProfessionalWeddingDJ have handled the DJ set and service audio and lights).
The location, La Cantalupa, is located in Brusaporto, near Bergamo (about 45 minutes from Milan).

It is one of the most interesting place we have worked in the last period, and we recommend it to very demanding guests: it is in the same structure as the multi awords winning “Restaurant Da Vittorio” (present in the Michelin Red Guide, very famous in Italy).

Its strong points is the large pool patio, which was the scene of our DJ set for the aperitif, combined with the live saxophone, with a truly tasteful and elegant repertoire: the bride is an estimator of historic black voices such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Nat King Cole, and the italian singer Mario Biondi.

But the appetizer quickly comes to the end (although it lasted for over an hour … it seems “flew”) and to wait for the guests, the great Cantalupa room dedicated to the events, which we set up with a full light uplighting with led lights behind the console and at the base of the walls and columns: a real “immersion” in the blue color, which blends well with the dominant white color.

At this point everything is ready for the wedding entrance, with Dreams by The Cranberries and Starlight by the Muse. A rock choice that Valentina and Claudio kept very much. After this lively moment, everything is ready for the background music for the dinner, which, following (though very much likable) the bride’s requests, includes George Michael, in some acoustic interpretations of his great successes, and revisions in bossa nova key songs of the moment and of the past.

Between one speech and one another (kidding on our Sennheiser radiomicrophones), alternating softer moments with more intense moments, everything is ready for cake cutting, back on the outdoor patio – a really exciting time! The pace grows, and the desire to have fun too! What do you say, do we go to the dances?

For dancing with her dad, the bride opted for a classic song: “La vie en rose” by Grace Jones, but for the slow with Claudio, to avoid the little embarrassment due to the fact that he is not a good dancer, she wanted a piece that … really is not slow. They chose Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love. The result was perfect! Along with them, they all started dancing, and we are no longer able to stop them, enchanted by the rhythm of Grease, Beach Boys, etc …

The after dinner was also in the style of the 90’s (many guests, aged 30 to 40, enjoyed a lot!), but recent dance success have not been missed! A classy and fun wedding party, always with our unique style, which also reflected that of the bridal and their welcoming and elegant guests.

If you are looking for a DJ service at the top, for a dream wedding in Italy, you are in the right place! We have the experience and expertise to really make the difference. And, let’s not forget, we speak English: important, to perfection the music planning with the bridal and wedding planner and to interact effectively with guests.

Soon with the upcoming Wedding ProfessionalWeddingDJ!

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