Our Warranty

We at “ProfessionalWeddingDJ ©” like to be clear: this is why we have put on paper the precise requirements that must have a Day of Marriage signed by the “ProfessionalWeddingDJ ©”.It is a real Quality Certificate, signed by all the “ProfessionalWeddingDJ ©” Point, collaborators of “ProfessionalWeddingDJ©” operating throughout North Italy. Here is our best guarantee for a Professional Service, Classy and Modern. It is divided into 10 key points, which we illustrate through these numbers:


We will be on site at least two hours before the first guests arrive. This is to have plenty of time to prepare perfectly and calmly set audio and lighting.


To spread the music in two different situations (for example, an aperitif outdoors and the indoor hall where lunch is held), are set up two professional audio systems. Also in this case, it comes to minimum requirements: a request you can have also a third station.


To create a special atmosphere, we have supplied two robots-changer or two moving heads, and in addition a strobe light. Just enough to make your magical Day of Marriage.


The service “ProfessionalWeddingDJ ©” Modern is: to keep our faith in this our feature, we provide a weekly update of the repertoire, according to the latest releases main portals music, not to mention the successes of all time.


Is the minimum experience in DJ booth our employees. The job of the DJ is not for everyone and you do not learn in a short time is refined over the years. What is the period after which a DJ can really be called a professional? We, in our experience, we estimated in seven years, and for this reason the staff of “ProfessionalWeddingDJ ©” must have certified experience of at least seven years. A further demonstration of our seriousness, we remember that many of our DJ even spent behind the console even 15 or more years.


Our service is available in 9 regions: Lombardy, Veneto, Piedmont, Val d’Aosta, Emilia-Romagna, Liguria, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Trentino Alto Adige for widespread coverage of the territory of Northern Italy.


24 hours 7: our service is very professional, we are always reachable by mail and by phone. For emergencies (changes of songs last second and so on) we give our availability even beyond the usual office hours: often willingly we contact copies after dinner, so you can also talk via Skype and webcam.


Who would want that your wedding will present a DJ with little experience? No one, not even us. For this reason employees of “ProfessionalWeddingDJ ©” must have at least 100 marriages assets in their careers. Not a few: in fact the average age of our “ProfessionalWeddingDJ ©” is 30 years.


The minimum power of the audio system is 600 watts, for a robust sound, robust and quality. Of course, as we well know, the power is not everything, has also the quality and reliability that only the best brands (Pioneer, Crown, JBL etc …) can ensure, for a truly “Professional”.

4000 SONGS

To meet the needs of a demanding public, as the couple who turn to “ProfessionalWeddingDJ ©” we need a broad and complete repertoire, which includes Italian and foreign music, united by the characteristics essential for us: Class and Style. You can see a selection from our menu on the page “CLASSIFIED“. And do not miss our BLOG, full of new musical ideas for your wedding! In service assurance “ProfessionalWeddingDJ ©” there are also two basic characteristics, which can not be expressed in numbers: Passion, Courtesy and Good Taste: skills are increasingly difficult to find, and as we well know us “ProfessionalWeddingDJ ©” that to create our team of employees we had to discard a large slice of Wedding DJ.