Wedding DJ in Franciacorta, the land of Italian sparkling wine

For ProfessionalWeddingDJ‘s team the wedding season never ends: even in the last weekend of October here we are for an after dinner dj set. The location chosen by Alberto and Ilaria for their wedding party is the Carlomagno Restaurant in the Franciacorta region famous for the sparkling wine produced in the hills located between the southern shore of Lake Iseo and the city of Brescia.

The hall dedicated to aperitifs and dance is a classy space with natural stone walls. We inserted our sound system and lights in harmony with this context, framed between two candlesticks.

The set up of the DJ booth for the perfect wedding entrance

Everything is ready and audio proofs have already been executed more than one hour before the guests arrive: this is one of our rules that allows you to always have an optimal set up. Waiting for the bride and groom entrance, we prepare the songs chosen by Alberto who loves swing and quality music in general. Two among his choices are Sing Sing Sing by Goodman and We have all the time in the world by Armstrong.

The cake cutting (see the photo below) is accompanied by applause of the guests, forty in all. It’s a wedding party with a decidedly small number of guests, in a very beautiful hall but which risks being too big.

Wedding DJ in Italy: we have the experience to make great… a small event

In such a situation (a wedding with few guests), not rare in destination weddings, it is very important to create a special feeling so to get into the party with the right sound and mood. This is a skill that you acquire over time and it’s probably the most important for a wedding DJ. It is necessary to have experience and a wide music collection that you have to know perfectly and to master quickly. The fact that the spouses recognize this skill for us is really a source of satisfaction.

We emphasize the dessert buffet with a rhythmic and very stylish 70-80’s sound, waiting for the first dance of Alberto and Ilaria: She by Elvis Costello.

And then let’s dance! A revival selection without forget the hits of the moment, carefully mixed and enhanced by our premium Yamaha equipment.

We are in the middle of the party: everybody on the track, but without forcing or an excessive use of the microphone. Fun with style is our slogan.