Songs for the first dance: Elvis Costello, the author of She

Hello guys, this week, is celebrating the birthday of Elvis Costello. Incredibly, he turned into 60, very well worn.
This anniversary gives us the opportunity to remember one of his most famous songs, She. A very classy track very famous by the fact that it was used for the soundtrack of Notting Hill (award-winning films with the participation of Hugh Grant).

Dance of the newlyweds: a romantic song

Elvis Costello She, because of the very tense atmosphere and romantic, is always among the most popular for the first wedding dance. In fact, the words are really indicated to celebrate the union for life, here’s a taste:

  may be the reason I survive
  the why and where for I’m alive
  the meaning of my life is
  she, she, she

To learn more about this great artist, visit his website ( and its Facebook page (!

And speaking of Elvis, a few days ago (August 16), the anniversary of the death of another Elvis (Presley), the king of rock. Another amazing character, which sometimes is the protagonist of our wedding parties: how to forget Jailhouse Rock, Hound Dog: in the most “crazy”, especially international, weddings  can make a difference!