Songs for the wedding entrance: the most beautiful and the most requested


The arrival of the spouses on location is always a “thrilling” moment: all the guests are ready to welcome them, photographers and video operators ready to capture every detail. And the music? Well, the arrival of the bride and the groom is a very important phase, and the Wedding DJ has got a big responsability!
Indeed, is one of the most important! The right music, combined with the timing and the perfect synchronization can really enhance this important moment.

The arrival of the spouses: a magical, but delicate moment

In fact, when we talk about arrival of the spouses, we must divide it into two phases: the entrance to the aperitif and the one in the hall where you start lunch or dinner. We at ProfessionalWeddingDJ©, in fact, usually expect a double entrance: one, more soft, for the first “appetizer” phase, and one usually more rhythmic for the second.

The arrival of the spouses to the aperitif is the first greeting to the groom and the bride, should be sparlking but not intrusive …. It is used to “unblock” the situation, with a lively and classy song, maybe the swing repertoire. There are many tracks that we recommend to accompany this situation: here are the most requested, by Michael Bublé and Nina Simone.

‪Michael Buble – Moondance‬

‪Straighten Up And Fly Right‬ – ‪Robbie Williams‬

‪Nina Simone – My Baby Just Cares For Me‬

Sing, Sing, Sing – Benny Goodman

Flying Home – Lionel Hampton

‪Ella Fitzgerald – Mack The Knife

ingresso-sposi-arrivo-sposi-dj deejay

Entrance of the spouses: the great start of the wedding, always with style

For the second phase, which is the entrance of the couple in the room, the guests are already more “loaded”, have already talked to each other and has created more than complicity. Usually, we suggest some classy and happy songs, from the past and contemporary, but in the style of ProfessionalWeddingDJ©. Over the years, many proposals were made for our spouses. Of course, every marriage is different from the other, so even the song of the entrance of the spouses should be chosen taking into account the theme selected for the celebration, the origin of the guests, the environment in which it is located …. and we are in grade to create customized versions, with effects and loops and “mash up” between two songs, to create unique versions .. and to satisfy at the same time both the bride and the groom, when they have different musical taste. Here are some ideas: from the classics of the 70s songs of the moment.

Barry White – You Are The First, My Last, My Everything

Happy – Pharrell Williams

I gotta feeling – The Black Eyed Peas

This thing called love – Queen

Haven’t met you yet- Michael Buble

Uptown Funk! – Marc Ronson 

Saint Motel – My Type

Beautiful Day – U2

Viva La Vida – Coldplay


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