Hello everyone, future spouses. Here we are with an interesting update on the latest trends about the music for the wedding: Our DJs for weddings are always attentive to the news … we are a modern and dynamic service! In particular, we report a song that, although recent (is came out a month) has already point out a nice share of preferences as song for the cutting of the cake. And not only for international marriages, even those Italians and mixed.


Perhaps, the traversal nature of this song, called “We are incurable romantics”, is also due to the fact that it has a “dual identity card”: the Belgian Ozark Henry, author of the song, has chosen the very Italian Elisa (which confirms her international vocation) as a partner for this new version, enhanced by the notes sung by Elisa.
The text is very romantic …
There’s nothing we can do about it
we are incurable romantics
…but the rhythm is definitely there! And it is for this reason that we recommend for cutting the cake (and not for the first dance, it would be too fast and not danceable). This piece is well suited to be inserted, as well as with other existing songs (I can think of “treasure” by Bruno Mars, for example) with 70 pieces of quality (see in this site the article we wrote about the music years 70 quality).
If you are fan of Ozark Henry and Elisa, you have to know that is possible to see them together
on September 27th on the stage of the Arena di Verona for the concert “SOUL FLY LIVE ARENA DI VERONA”. Soon, an article with the great classics that are most popular for the moment of cutting the cake. We await you!


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