Shabby Chic Weddings in Italy: DJ, Music and lights to create the right atmosphere

For ProfessionalWeddingDJ©, music and lights are two elements that together can really make a difference to a wedding party. We are very happy that you are enjoying this formula!

Shabby Chic: a vintage touch to the wedding, even in the music

In particular, we want to talk about the preparation of Music-Lights-Furniture&Decorations of a very fashionable Shabby Chic wedding. Two words to explain what it is about: Shabby chic is a style of interior design in which the furnishings have a unique dated and “lived” look. Basically, the color white dominates, although is allowed even the cream color (or, at best, a faint gray pearl color). The Shabby Chic style, referred in the Wedding field, indicates retro style events, that engage an ecological “eco chic” philosophy of reuse of materials. It is a romantic style, the atmosphere is hushed, the environment predisposes to relax. Usually, Shabby Chic weddings, are set up inside (unlike Country Chic weddings), but there are examples of very successful outdoor, like in photo, on the right.

shabby chic matrimonio milano

The typical elements of this wedding are the flowers, natural materials such as wood, vintage objects.

And in this delicate alchemy, but very suggestive, of Shabby Chic weddings, we wanted to take care of a particular aspect: The ‘”uplighting”, as the Americans call it, or, the creation of light scenes theme.

shabby chic matrimonio luci -

In this case, the “cold” led lighting are colored banished (with some exceptions, and never in bright tones), and are used “rows” of lights in vintage style. It is, in fact, of modern led lighting (low absorption and high durability) that have, however, the appearance of the nice, old, incandescent bulbs, that interface perfectly with antique chandeliers, of iron, maybe with “droplets” of glass (or crystals), typical in Shabby Chic arrangements.

shabby schic matrimoni toscana

Making a wedding in Shabby Chic style is simple: there must be a “wedding” perfect in the decor, lighting, and spaces. And the balance is delicate. Is necessary a specialist in lighting design, and we at ProfessionalWeddingDJ© are able to keep up in all the nuances.

DJ for wedding for an event Shabby Chic in Italy? Only if is very experienced

And is still missing the main ingredient: the music! For the selection of a wedding in Shabby Chic style you need a lot of passion, experience and an extensive musical culture, which is not limited to classic “floorfiller”. Without doubt we must keep on the vintage repertoire, but not only.

There are also current songs that refer to the atmosphere of the past, and they do it with style and class.
That’s right: it is the terms Style and Class that must accompany an event Shabby Chic, without, however, that the music appears boring!
Well, in a few lines it is difficult to transfer exactly the musical sensations, but we would like to point out 10 pieces (five soft, and five more rhythmic) that can not miss:

Soft selection
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On
Aretha Franklyn – I Say a Little Prayer
Nina Simone – My baby just cares for me
Dusty Springfield – The look of love
Amy Winehouse – Valerie

Party Selection
Bruno Mars – Treasure
Daft Punk – Get lucky
Gramophonedzie – Why Don’t You
Beach Boys – Barbara Ann
Jazzbit – Sing sing sing

Well, by now you have realized that our service DJ for weddings, professional and classy, differs from generalists services, made with low quality audio service, “Sunday” DJ that make a cheap selection and often fail to engage the guests. And we are proud of the continuous and great response that have our proposals! Have a good Shabby Chic wedding with ProfessionalWeddingDJ© !

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