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Rock weddings: here are the musical suggestions you are looking for

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the death of Jimi Hendrix (in London, September 18, 1970): the greatest guitarist of all time according to the ranking drawn up in 2011 by Rolling Stone magazine. He was a virtuoso and a great innovator in the use of the electric guitar in rock music (he was among the first experimenters of psychedelic rock) and in communication: the performance in which he set his guitar on fire on the stage (Monterey festival, 1967) and the magical performance at the festival of Woodstock of 1969, in which he reinterpreted the American national anthem, “pulling out” from his guitar the poignant notes that still make the soul vibrate today.

This anniversary, giving such prominence to rock music in general, shifted the attention of the future spouses towards this type of music (the rock theme has also been adopted in many VIP weddings) and gives us the opportunity to examine, from the musical point of view (but not only) the Rock themed wedding parties. 

We have already dealt with themed wedding parties but we have not yet gone into the specifics, and you who every time you hear the riff of an electric guitar have a gasp of emotion, you certainly couldn’t wait!

Rock music lends itself to a great variety of musical interpretations: from the softer one, for example, perhaps with the interpretation of rock songs by a string quartet, for the aperitif and the ceremony. But, for the “strong stomachs” even the moment of the civil celebration can be an opportunity to play “real” rock & roll: for example, the Queen’s rock wedding march (The Wedding March: here it is) in the original version, to accompany the bride at the wedding altar. 

It has happened to us more than once to play it from our DJ booth. Even more often, this song was used to accompany the bride and groom as they enter the dinner room. The result: spectacular! The energy level had gone up a lot, and all the guests were keeping time with their hands, a great emotion for us too. And of pieces that really keep the adrenaline level high (obviously … not when you eat!) there are so many in our DJ bag: from You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC to I Was Made For Loving You by Kiss , passing through Jump by Van Halen, or Whatever you want by Status Quo, and, why not, Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones. What about Guns n ‘Roses?  Yes, we have them too.

And, what about Elvis Presley, so great that he deserves the nickname of “The King”?  Especially in America, but also in other parts of the world, it’s not uncommon to see spouses and guests inspired by the look of the Memphis singer. He was one of the most famous artists of all time (he passed away in 1977), a real rock and roll and rockabilly cultural icon. His magnetic stage presence, his pelvic moves, his unique style have literally driven the world crazy (about a billion copies sold between records and CDs: he has released 61 albums!). Returning instead to the present day, here are a couple of artists who really rocks: the Kazabian (Eez-He – Easy is a good piece to dance) or the Black Keyes.

 Going instead to more peaceful atmospheres, we remember that the rock repertoire is studded with many “gems”, truly romantic ballads that we have been offering for many years also in weddings not necessarily exclusively “themed” with rock: i don’t wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith, Wind Of Change by Scorpions, and Always by Bon Jovi are really good examples.

In short, we at ProfessionalWeddingDJ are here to help you choose in this “sea” of opportunities. With the experience of the right and competent DJ, and with the support of our high-power and quality audio systems, emotions are guaranteed!

It is also interesting to observe that the rock theme is easy to be declined also from a visual point of view: tableau de mariage and place cards in the shape of guitars or pick ups customized according to the guests are among the most interesting ideas, and a photo booth cannot be missing. Is great to allow guests to turn into a “Guitar hero“: wigs, leather jackets, studs… and if you have a “real” electric guitar with its nice amplifier, maybe a Marshall … well, bring it: after the bride and the groom, “she” will inevitably be the star of the party 🙂