ProfessionalWeddingDJ playlist straight from the Super Bowl

The 53rd Super Bowl (National Football League championship final), the most anticipated and followed event in the United States, just took place. It is not only a major sporting event, but also a music festival, thanks to the so-called “Halftime show“, a music show featuring international stars, which takes place during halftime.

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Beginning with the “Halftime shows” of recent years, we at ProfessionalWeddingDJ have created a playlist of our favorite songs, with a preference for those that can be adapted to the different moments of your wedding party in Italy, with Jody Belli and is DJ staff.

What we are proposing differs from our other ProfessionalWeddingDJ playlists because, in theme with the event from which we drew them, we decided to prioritize songs that, though suitable for weddings, also have a good dose of energy, lending themselves to an “explosive” entrance of the bride and groom into the location, as well as being able to keep people on the dance floor until late in the day.

Let’s begin with this year’s Super Bowl “Halftime show” performance by Maroon 5. We picked out “Girls like you“, a very popular song that reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 last year, thanks also to the presence of Cardi B, one of the most popular female stars. This is an excellent choice for the bride and groom’s entrance.

Last year’s Super Bowl star was Justin Timberlake, who brought to the stage a number of gems from his career. We singled out CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!, especially for wedding dance lovers. There are lots of fun choreographies on the web to get inspiration from!

And we are at the most successful halftime show in recent years. To go on stage in 2017 was an all-round artist who just this year, with the movie success of “A star is born”, has confirmed herself as an exceptional, and above all eclectic talent: we are talking about Lady Gaga, who in the 2017 edition impressed everyone with an acrobatic performance while singing Poker Face.

In 2016, on the occasion of the fiftieth edition, Cold Play, together with Beyonce and Bruno Mars, on the notes of Up & Up, thrilled us in a final tribute to all the artists who have walked the stage of the Superbowl over the years. The performance’s opening was underscored by Viva la Vida: a hymn to life that can’t help but drag everyone into an explosion of joy! A piece that we often propose for the cutting of the cake: the result is guaranteed!

It’ been years, yet Katty Perry’s California Gurls still continues to animate our parties, especially later in the evening for the most wild guests and newlyweds… Katty Perry had presented it on the occasion of the 2015 halftime show, surrounded by… dancing trees.

Even events like the SuperBowl are an opportunity to pick up interesting and popular songs that can make a difference at your wedding. It’s up to us wedding music professionals to put them on the “play list” of your big day, choosing the right time and moment, to give a touch of originality and joy, without ever compromising on the class that distinguishes our events.

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