The new podcast dedicated to the wedding enternainment

Dear friends, welcome in the new podcast dedicated to the wedding enternainment, focused on destination weddings in Italy. Tips and ideas by Jody Belli, ProfessionalWeddingDJ: if you want to avoid the usual mistakes that many foreigners make when they decide to get married in Italy, committing the music to a non-professional DJ, follow our Podcast! 
Today, we start from something happened to me some days ago
I was driving in Naples, a city that I don’t know very well, when the screen of my smartphone went black and I had to restart the phone. So meanwhile I was without the navigator and I got in my mind the parallelism with the situation in which you, brides and grooms to be, are in planning music for your wedding.
Without a navigator, without a guide to route you to the goal, you risk to take a one way or a dead-end road, with no possibility of U-turn.
The wedding is a unique event that you cannot repeat if something doesn’t work.
This is why, today I’ll give you some advices to avoid mistakes that can cause you to slow down and waste time (exploring entertainment solutions that do not fully reflect your ideas), leaving you in a general confusion that will kill your enthusiasm. If you interact with professionals who are not up to the task, probably you will face many problems that will eventually turn off your enthusiasm and take you away from your goal. Remember, your goal is the full satisfaction of you and all the guests at the wedding party.

So, what do you have to do?
First of all, rely on the right professional.
Are you looking for just someone who sells you a “product” at random, or rather a professional who can really advise you? (If you had the patience to read this far, surely the second one).

So back to the navigator metaphor, here we are at the first junction along the road that will lead us to the final destination.

Music: YES/NO
For fear of making a wrong choice, some spouses who decide to celebrate their wedding in Italy decide to give up music. But it is not the right solution!
We explain it to you in the podcast.
After the first crossroad and once you take the direction “Music YES”, here it is the second tunring point.

Live music or DJset?
Along the highway that leads you to your wedding party what indication to follow? Live music or DJset?
There is no single answer. Discover our advices listening to our podcast!
Finally I want to remind you that much of the success (or disaster) of a wedding party is closely related to the music being played and the skill and experience of the DJ. In fact, very few guests will remember the menu (unless it’s really bad), centrepieces, invitations, cake, or bouquet. Of course, then, they won’t remember the photos or the video (assuming they see them after the party), but if the party has gone wrong, the video will be full of “sad-faces”!
What everyone will remember for sure, is whether they had fun or not, if the music was pleasant and if the DJ was able to create that “magical” atmosphere that makes the difference between a successful wedding party and a flop.
For this reason it is appropriate to dedicate more resources and attention in the choice of musical entertainment for your wedding party and above all in choosing the right professional.
As we often say: rather than the wrong DJ, a simple iPod is better!

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We at ProfessionalWeddingDJ will not only manage the music during the big day, but will guide you like a real navigator in all the preparatory phases, dissolving all your doubts and giving you all the right indications towards a successful party.

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