Music for your wedding in Italy: the most beautiful new releases of spring 2020

Wedding DJ in Italy: new songs for your special event

Italy‘s wedding season (usually…) kicks off in spring, as well as in other parts of the world. Alas, this year has been different, so much so that we still do not know if we will be able to resume properly by the fall. In fact, with particular reference to destination weddings in Italy, our niche, the situation is quite dire: a lot of newlyweds have moved their wedding parties forward to 2021. This is despite rumors that things might begin to return to normal in winter. Nonetheless, weather conditions are getting milder, alongside a growing desire to have fun, even though it is still… prohibited. Nothing is stopping you, however, my friends, from beginning to “look around” and deciding which songs to choose for your wedding, drawing on our suggestions of the most exciting songs of the moment, which will surely “survive” even in the coming seasons: we be carrying over many of them to next year!

Let’s begin the review with a beautiful romantic song: Souvenir by Selena Gomez (American singer and actress – as a youngster, she sang in various soundtracks for Disney Records). It’s a song with very romantic lyrics, but with a rhythm not exactly suitable for a slow pace… anyway, it will be interesting to include it during a special moment in your party! Moreover, we are certain that it will soon spread like wildfire throughout Italy.

Shivers dance down my spine, head down to my feet

Swimming in your eyes, in your eyes, in your eyes

Egyptian blue

Something I’ve never had without you

You’re giving me chills at a hundred degrees

Calling your name, the only language I can speak

Taking my breath, a souvenir that you can keep

Giving me chills



The following are a couple of new pieces “aimed” at spring 2020, with very romantic lyrics, which, considering their rather fast pace, are not quite suited to “softer” moments, but which could certainly make a good impression in other, more lively phases. How about, for example, during the entrance of the newlyweds?

Let’s begin with songs from The Weekend, which I’ve greatly appreciated over the years, such as Can’t Feel My Face, for example.

The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

No, I can’t sleep until I feel your touch

I could never say it on the phone (Say it on the phone)

Will never let you go this time (Ooh)

Also interesting is the Level of concern of Twenty one pilots, which tells of a love in these quarantine times

Twenty one pilots – Level of Concern

I don’t really care what they would say

I’m asking you to stay

In my bunker underneath the surface


Would you be

My little quarantine?

Need you to tell me we’re alright, tell me we’re okay

Need you now


Songs we refer to as “fake friends“, are those that from first take would seem perfect for romantic moments during your wedding party, but in reality… have lyrics that are actually the opposite of what the sweet vibe and soothing voice of the singer would have you imagine. We’d like to mention two pieces in particular.

Fortunately, I was able to “nip in the bud” a bride’s attempt at including Numb performed by Dotan… let’s talk about it right here: “Numb” is Dotan’s new single, a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and Dutch producer of Israeli origin. We are talking about insensitivity, certainly not a topic for a first dance!

‘Cause I feel numb

So infected with your bad blood, bad blood

Keep on running ’til it blows up, blows up

All I wanted was a real love

But I feel numb

Even Sam Smith, whom we’ve come to know with Stay with Me, a great piece from 2014, is featured on this list of “fake friends” with To Die For: the lyrics are very pessimistic: As my world is collapsing around me, I just want someone to die for are not exactly positive lines to go with the celebration of love, which must undoubtedly be the essence of positivity.

I don’t wanna be alone

I look for you

Every day, every night

Sunshine livin’ on a perfect day

While my world’s crashing down

I just want somebody to die for


And after all that romance, it’s time to dance! It sounds paradoxical, but in these months we’ve been “locked down” at home, so many great hits have been released, that will probably make us all move… as soon as we can!

Let’s set off on this journey with three pop tunes: Supalonely by Benee, Physical by Dua Lipa (a very 80s soundtrack) and Stupid Love by Lady Gaga, who’s back making carefree music after a more serious interlude of “A star is born”. Right before moving on to dance, a taste of raggaeton: Tusa by Karol G and Nicki Minaj, which, although it came out a few months ago, is among the songs of the genre that’s getting more popular.

Dance, “true” to its nature, has given us a huge range: starting with In My Arms by Purple Disco Machine, which seen one success after another, and then moving on to two very cheerful and happy songs: Tequila by Jax Jones (we are taking it with us until the end of the summer, you’ll see!) and Madan, by Haska and Salif Keita (remake of the 2003 version, which was a huge success! How many times have we played it!). Finally, something for the most hardened clubbers: Fisher‘s Freaks, which “hits” really hard: the newlyweds and clubbers will love it. Besides, Fisher is a guaranteed “brand”!  We recommended Losing it, in the previous season, always by popular demand, especially in international weddings: it was requested at least four times during an American wedding celebrated on Lake Como! And we gladly played it.  As you can imagine, there are several musical cues; to tell the truth, some Italian music is missing, but this is not a period during which Italian artists are producing particularly exciting pieces. Now, calmly listen to the songs we’ve mentioned in this article and begin scoring the ones you like the most. Be sure to give us your feedback, okay? Get ready to dance again, but always with the style and class that has always distinguished ProfessionalWeddingDJ‘s “made in Italy” entertainment”. We are also looking forward to having a chat on Skype to talk about your future wedding party in Italy, do not hesitate to contact us!

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