Music for cutting the cake: here’s how to make it even sweeter with the best songs

The sweetest moment of the wedding

Have you two already decided what the wedding cake will look like? That’s great! Cake cutting in wedding is a cornestone!
And what about the song choice to highlight the moment when the cake will be cut?
Well, the answer we often hear from the bride and groom to be is: we haven’t thought about it yet… I have so many songs in my head I don’t know what to choose. Others, in panic, don’t have any song in mind…
Well, we are here to assist you with this difficult task: since it represents one of the most significant moments in a wedding celebration… you have to think twice 🙂
We suggest that, when deciding on the music, the groom and the bride to be should surrender to their emotions, so that the song is “felt”: the rest goes without saying. My advice when making a choice is not to “give in” to the trends of the moment, but to be a bit “selfish” and think above all about one’s own feelings: to wander! Dare to go against the taste of the other guests, we’ll take care of it from the next song. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that, fundamental to the success of this “crucial” phase (the cutting of the cake) is the added value that an effective presentation by the DJ can give, as well as the sound quality: we at ProfessionalWeddingDJ want to make the most of this important phase!

Below is our playlist with the top pieces you asked us for during the cutting of the cake, from the most classic to contemporary.
Dear future brides, let us inspire you with this mental image: you are holding the knife with your right hand and the groom’s hand is moving over yours. Once your right hand is joined to your partner’s, you can make the first cut of the wedding cake. Strictly with a silver knife!
And, as if by magic, the music of…

A sky full of stars – Coldplay
Thiniking out loud – Ed sheeran
I say a little prayer – Aretha franklin
Something stupid- Robbie Williams e Nicole Kidman
That’s Amore- Dean Martin
L’Amour Toujours – Sagi Rei
Sugar – Maroon Five
One– U2
Over the rainbow– Israel Kamakawiwo Ole

And then, what happens before the cutting of the cake?

After the cutting of the cake, the audience “erupts” and begin to party, especially if the wedding party has a few moments dedicated to dancing. Thus, without having to force steps, we proceed with danceable music, but not immediately with the dance floor fillers: after all, we are still busy eating the cake and taking pictures and complimenting the bride and groom. Without taking too much time, we then begin with music to get crazy with the best dance hits, crossing different genres, from the 70s to present day, keeping in mind that the playlist is always agreed first with the bride and groom: taking into account the style and theme (if any), preferences of the guests – which we have already began to know in the early stages of the party – in order to understand what ” weapons” to use to engage everyone, with style and class. See you soon, see you at your wedding!

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