Yes, Louise Veronica Ciccone, aka Madonna, born in Michigan (from an Italian father and a French Canadian mother) turns 60 today. The undisputed star of the music industry for three generations, became famous for her transgressive looks, her provocative videos and her music. 292 in total the prizes won during her carreer: Brit Awards, Billboard but also Golden Globe and 7 Grammy.

Like a Virgin, it was the first LP to reach number one in Italy, and the first single at number 1 on the Billboard Top 200: it was 1984 and the relationship between music and video was already the essential element of the success of Madonna, that became a phenomenon of adulation and inspiration by an entire generation called “Madonna wannabe”.

The look has evolved and transformed over the years (imposing very often a trend and influencing and inspiring the fashion of the moment). The ability to amaze (innate or the result of acute marketing strategies?) has combined the performance of this artist: from the first albums “Madonna” and “Like a Virgin” (with many songs to dance), to Like a Prayer and Erotica, that prove a most accurate musical research, to the electronic sounds of Ray of Light, which instead blend with hip-hop and funky sound in Music (2000), until a return to the dance atmospheres with Confessions on a Dancefloor (2005). The most recent years have seen the success of MDNA (2012) and Rebel Heart (2014), result of collaboration with different artists and different genres of music very much appreciated by critics. And how to forget the soundtrack album Evita: once again Madonna with her impeccable and exciting interpretation of Evita Peron has silenced detractors and doubters, demonstrating once again her undeniable professionalism.


There are 255 songs recorded in the course of his career. A multitude from which we at ProfessionalWeddingDJ are happy to draw for your wedding parties. The sometimes spicy and irreverent contents of the songs (Erotica, Like a Prayer) are not always suitable for the musical entertainment of a wedding, but some successes, Into the Groove or Like a Virgin, can certainly not be missed in the 80s selections. As still very much appreciated and played even in our wedding parties is Hung Up, released in 2005.

We also care very much to report the beautiful lounge, bossanova and jazz versions of many Madonna’s pieces, perfect to accompany dinners and wedding lunches.

We DJ of ProfessionalWeddingDJ are very curious to find out which emotions the Queen of Pop will give us with the next highly anticipated album, out, according to rumors, by the end of the year. But, for the moment, we still wish a happy birthday to Madonna!