When a (good) iPod it’s better than a (bad) wedding DJ

Do it yourself weddings: is it worth it?

We know we antagonize a large part of the category of wedding DJs, but it’s really true: for using an iPod or a computer can be better than hiring an improvising DJ! 

But don’t worry, the winning choice is at hand if you know where to look for it.

More and more newlyweds opt for an anonymous iPod (or, in general, a computer) in place of a DJ, for their wedding party. Why?  The two solutions (iPod VS DJ) are definitely not comparable: it would be like  let the guests use a self camera instead of hiring a professional photographer.  

So let’s analyze in a rational way what are the reasons that usually lead couples to opt for an “iPod wedding”.

But you’re sure it’s the right choice?



Let’s face it: how many bad Djs you ran into at the wedding parties you were recently at? Certainly, a lot. And you are afraid that your DJ for your wedding in Italy is like them ….

Often, DJs propose what they already have in repertoire without interpreting the situation, the tastes of spouses and guests. In addition, most of them does not interact at all with the event, not emphasizing in the right way various phases of the party.  On the other hand, it’s still wrong to exaggerate with the animation: it’s  definitely annoying to have DJs asking the bride and groom for a “kiss, kiss” all the time! Maybe, playing only cheesy music!

Of course, faced with this depressing scenario, some spouses decide for the “do it yourself”, perhaps thinking that “anyway all DJs are like that ” (maybe, like the one you see in the picture here above … a great example of everything that should never happen).  

But be careful: even if you decide to have only background music, using an iPod, rather than hiring a disc jockey, is still a risky solution.. Let’s see why.


 Of course, opting for an iPod, you don’t have to deal with a harassing DJ, but you will have other headaches… First of all, it is not true that music “goes by itself”: the volumes are often different between one song and another, and must be adjusted. Moreover, there are pieces with long “intro”  or with interminable pauses that can”kill” the party. Then, don’t forget that it is important to “stop” the music, when making the speech, or start the right songs for the key moments. Who will manage the music during toasts or breaks? Or play the songs  required by your guests? And who will be in charge to pass the microphone to the guests for their speeches? 
And then, another critical situation: between courses people can start to dance, and the music must be more engaging and loud than the background music, which is perfect  when you sit down to eat …

In short, this sort of “self-management”, which seemed so easy, is already revealing itself more stressful compared to what you imagined, right?

And the first dance is even more dramatic in an “iPodWedding”; in the absence of a DJ who coordinates everything, you would almost certainly find yourself in a situation like this: the bride and groom in the center of the room, ready for the slow dance, looking  nervously for someone who can help them … But the music does not start, there is a awkward silence, some people begin to leave …. 

Well, a moment to forget, that can ruin the special day.

This is because, the song was not “pointed” correctly, ( for example cutting the long opening pause), or the volume was very low, but the person in charge of starting the piece (a guest, or a restaurant employee) had not noticed the problem; or, more simply, he had other things to do (after all, he was certainly not a professional figure hired regularly to take care of music, you can’t expect too much…).

Some newlyweds are willing to bet that they know their guests so well that they can select a playlist to have the dance floor full all night. Too bad though that the pre-packaged dance music selection will never have a good response: it’s hard someone will get up from the chair!

“But then, if the iPod wedding is a predictable failure, and the italian wedding DJs I’ve seen does not convince me, what should I do? “


An experienced professional (and not one of the “fake DJs” that populate the web) is able to manage every phase of the event, and has the ability to “read the dance floor,” to understand when it is appropriate to continue on a certain trend and when, instead, to change. This sense for the “flow” comes only with the experience gained in hundreds of wedding parties, and it is a completely absent element if you have chosen to use a iPod, but, beware, even if you have decided to go on a budget and choose an amateur DJ, who doesn’t have the right skills.


Much of a party’s success (or disaster)is closely related to the music being played and to the skill and experience of the DJ. In fact, very few guests will remember the menu served (unless it’s really bad), centerpieces, invitations, cake, or bouquets. They certainly won’t remember the photos or the video (they will see them after the party) but if the party turned out badly, the video will be full of sad and disappointed faces! What everyone will remember for sure, is the music, if the DJ was able to create that “magical” atmosphere that makes the difference between a successful wedding party and a flop. This is why it is appropriate to allocate more resources and attention to the entertainment. Otherwise an iPod is better than any DJ!

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Given that the “iPod wedding” has intrinsic limitations, that we have seen together in the previous paragraphs, let’s consider another aspect that often is misunderstood: it is assumed that organizing the musical part using an iPod (or playing spotify at a wedding) is less expensive than hiring a DJ. Indeed, by hiring only a professional set-up for spreading music with the iPod generally costs as much as a DJ with his own audio system!

Let’s do the math: first of all you should buy  the iPod. But let’s assume that you already have it, or that a friend decides to lend it to you (but pay attention: in the excitement of the party, it could fall and break …).  Let’s move on to the second aspect: music. Sure, usually anyone who organizes an “iPod wedding” has a vast private collection of files and CDs, but often not original. The music pirate is always illegal, and to play it in an occasion of public execution, can cause even more serious problems: in case of inspection of the SIAE (the SIAE permit is to be requested even if you use an iPod such as background!) you risk fines! Our advice is to calculate the budget for buying original music to complete your playlist, and to consider also the time to spend (hours and hours) for the download!


Then you will have to rent the audio system to connect the iPod: the one provided by the location, when it is present, as we experienced a lot of times, is low (or very low) quality, unreliable and is not even suitable for decently reproducing a background musical. A console with two loudspeakers with floor stands, a wireless microphone and its cables, it costs no less than 250 euros. If you decide to play it safe, you will need to hire a second audio system as a backup (in case of malfunction of the equipment).


If you want to play music in two different areas of the venue (outside for the aperitif, for example) you have to double the cost. And if you don’t want (or you are not able) to assemble everything yourself, you have to call a technician: another 150 euros (as a minimum).

If you have contacted a service that uses good quality equipment (which does not use “junk” low-cost Chinese one, certainly cheaper but unreliable), you have spent more than 650 euros (lighting system excluded!). And you also need to ask one of your guests to MC and take care of everything (with the associated risks). Is it really worth it?

We at ProfessionalWeddingDJ provide you with the best sound and lighting systems (here you can see an example) we have in house, and we also offer the plus of more than ten years of experience in positioning and calibrating systems. The sound  must be homogeneous throughout the room, and the lights must be arranged to enhance the location itself, and with the utmost attention in placement: no cables in disorder. 

It is also from details that you recognize a classy wedding party in Italy, by ProfessionalWeddingDJ.

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