How the wrong DJ can also ruin your wedding video

DJ and videographer are intertwined during the wedding day!

Several personalities cooperate throughout the wedding party to bring the event to life; these include the DJ and the videographer, who both play key roles and are “double linked” to the success of the day! The jobs of the DJ and the videographer must always be in full sync to achieve the best. To begin with, there has to be great teamwork in capturing peak moments together, such as the cutting of the cake, first dance, throwing the bouquet, etc… These moments have to be brought to life together, ensuring, first of all, that everyone is present for the climax: there’s always the risk, especially with outdoor locations, of some guests failing to notice what’s going on, thus missing out on the moment. Another crucial point is for the videographer to always be present and rolling, so as not to miss any moment from the very beginning: should the DJ, without alerting the videographer, decide to sneak in the first dance, the risk is for the videographer, who perhaps is busy filming a funny scene with other guests, to miss the magic moment! And as you already know, there are no double takes with such moments at weddings… once a moment is lost and ruined… it’s forever

Music, entertainment, and video for a “live and true” event

Both music and entertainment greatly influence the moods of guests, as well as the newlyweds: the video of the wedding party is nothing more than a story of the emotions experienced throughout the day, and should the DJ prove not to be up to it, the video quality will inevitably suffer as well! Entertainment is moreover an important part of the filming. People dancing, having fun and smiling naturally will definitely shine through in the video. We have some wedding photography videography and dj packages for your event in Italy: please, let’s make a request here!

Phony and fake applause: the sworn enemies of your marriage

We would particularly like to emphasize the word “spontaneous“. Audience are almost always put off by forced clapping every 2 minutes. Highlighting with applause the entry in to the hall and key moments is proper and appreciated by (almost) all newlyweds, but repeatedly calling for applause on the microphone, or even worse, the loud incitement of “tongue kisses” between the bride and groom (well yes!!! “dog” DJs are also vulgar!) is really annoying. They don’t even allocate enough time for eating without continuous interruptions, excessively stretching mealtime, thus stealing time from the dance after the cake. Interruptions should be targeted, done only when necessary and with a certain taste. Weddings are also, and above all, a matter of style. Besides ruining “the moment”, this fake, repeated and distasteful situations also ruin the video, since the wedding videographer is going to capture an originally “tasteful” scene: and nothing can be done to change it!

The DJ’s audio also makes the difference in the video

It has been a trend in recent years not to have “fake” music added during editing, but to keep the original sound in the wedding video. The bride and groom really appreciate this kind of technique, which is far more realistic! Music played by the DJ therefore makes all the difference twice: at the time of the event… and when the video is watched with friends and family!
It is clear at this point that having good audio is vital; immediately followed by the fact that the success of the audio recording depends not only on the microphone of the video operator, but also, and above all, on the sound quality of the DJ’s system used at the wedding party. The result will definitely be compromised if the DJ’s audio comes out distorted from the mixer or if, while recording live on-site, the sound from the system is drilled (only treble can be heard with no bass sounds). This will normally be the fault of the musician or the disc jockey, and definitely not that of the videographer!

Cutting the cake: with distorted music… everything goes wrong!

One of the peak moments in which the coordination between the DJ and the videographer is really fundamental, is the cutting of the cake, often a time of various problems on the audio front. Cutting of the cake is often done outside: a setting in which sound is greatly lost. We at ProfessionalWeddingDJ always have a dedicated music station (consoles and speakers) near the cake, where other DJs are not equipped… their equipment is usually far from where the cake cutting takes place, along with all the other problems that follow! This results in people not understanding what the DJ is saying over the microphone (did he say to cut the cake or not?) and can’t even applaud, because they can’t hear clearly… all that is heard is a croaking, distorted, annoying sound. Consequently, there is no understanding of what to do: the audience is frustrated and bewildered. Moreover, with a faraway set up location comes a visual problem in terms of following the development to make punctual musical interventions. Think of what a disaster it would be to start the cake song late or too early!

And the problems do not end there… Reviewing the video, you’ll see people who are lost and not enjoying the moment much. This often becomes a source of debate with the videographer, but even in this case, the blame lies with the DJ performing “copy and paste” weddings, which are nothing more than pre-packaged bundles!

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