From the most important italian festival to your wedding?

Sanremo 2021: something about the italian tradition

Sanremo‘s festival is one of the most evergreen festivals that happen in Italy. Recently, the event’s 71st edition just ended. The whole world recognizes and admires this festival of Italy. It is such a valued and treasured festival of the year that even during Covid-19, it was too good to be missed. The festival is so amazing that even the pandemic was not able to put a stop to it. Even this year where many international guests didn’t come due to Covid-19, we at ProfessionalWeddingDJ watched Sanremo’s festival on TV to find something nice to add to our music library. Let’s begin with a singer who could not attend the festival as a partaker but as a guest on the second evening of the musical event. This singer’s name is Elodie, who last year performed ‘Andromeda.’

A resident of Rome, the Italian singer, blew everyone’s mind with her talent when she held the stage presenting a vocal and dance performance. She was assisted by great dancers in a medley in a Super Bowl. Not only this, after singing and dancing, Elodie, along with the pianist Mauro Tre, also performed it in the jazz interpretation of the song in ‘Mai Così,’ which is the main theme song of the loved 60s TV show called Studio Uno. Jazz music at wedding parties can create a very graceful vibe, especially during dinner.

Coming back to the Sanremo’s Festival, artists such as “Il Volo” or Laura Pausini, who are extremely famous who participated in the previous editions, were not there this year. So there is a very less probability of newlyweds wanting 2021Sanremo’s songs in international weddings. Anyhow, the top three positions are as following:

  1. First position: Maneskin for representing Italian rock with ‘Zitti e buoni.’
  2. Second position: Chiara Ferragni’s husband, Fedez for performing ‘Chiamami per nome’.
  3. Third position: Ermal Meta for performing ‘Un milione di cose da dirti.’