From the Inauguration Day to your wedding?

Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez will inspire the music for your marriage?

January 20, 2021 will go down in history as a memorable day for the United States and for the whole world. It is in fact the inauguration day of the president of the United States of America, Joe Biden (the 46th in history). As Americans often do on vital occasions, it has been organised a top-level entertainment for the event, with international music pop-stars performing during the intense inauguration ceremony of the new administration.

So let’s go through the day, trying to “steal” some useful ideas for your wedding party (we anticipate that there are real “goodies”).

The first two artists who performed were “lady Germanotta” and J.Lo. Artists known for an “easy” pop repertoire (Let’s Get loud and Poker Face are in the list of the most played tunes at wedding parties!), but in this occasion they sang more “serious” and officals songs. The American anthem was interpreted by an intense and excited Lady Gaga, followed by Jennifer Lopez with the medley of “America the beautiful” and “This land is your land”.
The second musical moment of the evening was introduced, from Maiami, by the rocker John Bon Jovi and the Kings of Suburbia. Surprisingly, they proposed an iconic Beatles hit, “Here Comes the Sun”. A positive and auspicious song, which we love to propose at wedding parties, especially aperitifs, in the jazz version: here is an excerpt:

It is also worth noting the performance of the cellist Yo-Yo Ma (US citizen born in France of Chinese parents), who proposed a truly touching version of Amazing Grace, one of the most famous Christian anthems in the English language of the 18th century. Here, however, we want to offer you a memorable representation of the Ave Maria. An idea for the wedding ceremony!

Among the artists who made the inauguration day great, how can we forget Justin Timberlake, who with Ant Clemons sang “Better Days”, directly from Tennessee, on the streets of Memphis. Justin Timberlake therefore confirms himself  as one of the most popular artists in America: two years ago, in fact, he had the honor of performing at the Super Bowl (you can find here the 2019 post), in a tribute to Prince.

Returning to Capitol Hill, John Legend’s memorable piano performance of “Feeling Good”, a piece by Nina Simone from the 1960s. A step back in time, that reminds us of the talented jazz interpreter who died in 2003 that many know thanks to “my baby just cares for me”, a real classic that we often play at wedding party aperitifs.

Afterwards, the Inauguration Day, from Los Angeles, was enlivened by DJ Cassidy’s performance “Pass the Mic”: with him, Luis Fonsi with “Despacito” and Ozuna (“Taki Taki”). A sequence that really gave an energy boost to the event: we have been proposing these songs for some years with great success!

Then, returning to the chronicle of the “big day”, the tribute to the doctors committed to fighting the Coronavirus, with the music of Demi Lovato who chose the splendid “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers to underline this highlight of the event, and then the grand finale, with the fireworks “sung” by Katy Perry with “Fireworks”. A piece that, when there are fireworks at a wedding party, is almost an obligatory choice … but we also have many other valid alternatives to offer you.
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