For your 2024 wedding playlist… from the red carpet (Oscar 2024)

The Oscars of 2024 represented an explosion of talent and creativity, transforming the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles into a stage of pure magic on March 10, 2024. And once again, they proved to be a source of inspiration for crafting the soundtrack of your wedding! With the masterful hosting of Jimmy Kimmel, who led the evening with his unmistakable flair for the fourth time, the show stood out for its elegance and spectacle, with musical performances that brought to life an atmosphere already charged with tension and anticipation.


The duet of Andrea and Matteo Bocelli stole everyone’s heart with a moving rendition of “Con te partirò / Time to say goodbye,” performed during the “In Memoriam” segment. Under the guidance of the two-time Oscar winner Hans Zimmer, the song took on a new emotional dimension, becoming an ode to memory and love. Their performance was an unforgettable tribute that left an indelible mark on the evening. For years, obviously in its “normal” version, this piece has accompanied moments like the cake cutting or the first dance for its romantic and engaging melody, and also for its lyrics. “Con te partirò” is much more than just a song; it’s one of the songs that best represent Italy worldwide, and it’s certainly one of the most requested songs by our couples, regarding international weddings in Italy (we are specialized Wedding DJs in wedding celebrations in Italy).
Con te partirò” is a hymn to the power of love and the ability to overcome greater challenges. When Andrea Bocelli brought this song to the stage of the Sanremo Festival (the most important music festival in Italy) in 1995, he shared with the audience not only the beauty of music but also his personal life experience. The words of Lucio Quarantotto, accompanied by the music of Francesco Sartori, touched the hearts of millions of people around the world, telling the story of a love that surpasses every obstacle. The words Con te partirò, paesi che non ho mai visto e vissuto con te, adesso sì li vivrò” are not just an invitation to explore the world together with the one you love but also represent the promise of a new life, illuminated by the presence of that special person.
For Andrea Bocelli, who lives with a visual impairment, this song has an even deeper meaning, as it tells how love can be a source of light and hope even in the darkest moments. The words “Quando sei lontana sogno all’orizzonte e mancan le parole, e io sì lo so che sei con me” express the deep bond between two people, who can feel close even when they are far apart. Love is a force that overcomes physical distances and makes every shared moment a precious treasure. “Con te partirò” made Andrea Bocelli famous worldwide, becoming a symbol of hope and love. Duets with artists like Sarah Brightman and covers by artists like Donna Summer have made this song even more universal, demonstrating that music has the power to unite people beyond linguistic and cultural barriers.


Billie Eilish enchanted the audience with her breathtaking performance of “What Was I Made For?“, the song that won the award for Best Original Song. Accompanied by the virtuoso talent of her brother Finneas and the mastery of the orchestra, she delivered a touching and intimate interpretation, transporting the audience into the universe of the film “Barbie,” which we’ll delve into further. On the other hand, Becky G, from the moment she stepped onto the stage of the Dolby Theatre, infused all her energy with “The Fire Inside” from the film “Flamin’ Hot,” directed by Eva Longoria in her directorial debut. With her authenticity and overwhelming charisma, she captured the attention of all spectators, confirming herself as one of the queens of reggaeton. Her past successes, like “Sin Pijama” with Natti Natasha and the more recent “Arranca” ft. Omega, paved the way for an unforgettable performance that heated up the spirits of everyone present.

Extending the analysis to the “reggaeton phenomenon,” it must be said that it’s still requested, although less than in past years, even at wedding celebrations; the reason for the success of this genre is easily explained: reggaeton has a contagious and engaging rhythm that prompts people to move. With its mix of reggae, hip-hop, and Latin music influences, reggaeton creates an energetic and festive atmosphere that invites dancing, even at wedding celebrations. Reggaeton is appreciated especially by international couples who come from Latin countries, but not only. We have performed DJ sets for weddings from almost all over the world, and by now we know the musical preferences of the audience!


But the highlight of the evening was Ryan Gosling‘s incredible performance of “I’m Just Ken,” accompanied by a dazzling choreography of 60 dancers. With his magnetic presence and the cinematic atmosphere that permeated his performance, Gosling made Oscars history, giving the audience an unforgettable experience. Additionally, we cannot forget the musical successes tied to the “Barbie” film, such as Dua Lipa’s track “Dance the Night Away.” Besides contributing to the film’s soundtrack with this track, Dua Lipa also plays the role of Barbie Serena in the cast. Her song is a true homage to the 1970s, an explosion of dance music that invites everyone to have fun. “Barbie: The Album” boasts the participation of big names in international music, such as Nicki Minaj, Karol G, Lizzo, and Charli XCX, confirming the film as a global music event. Finally, let’s also mention Tiesto’s remix of the Aqua classic “Barbie Girl,” which has turned into an irresistible anthem for dance floors: how many weddings has it enlivened, and how many, probably, it will enliven in the now imminent upcoming season. Keeping the original structure of the song intact but updating the sound to make it more engaging and current, this remix has captured the attention of both ’90s nostalgics and today’s youth.