From the weddings DJs … Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, we are going to say goodbye to this 2014, which has increased very much the importance of our project ProfessionalWeddingDJ. Thanks a lot to our customers and friends!

After the thanks, we would like to move to the memory of some who were the strongest pieces of this 2014. The choice is not easy, given that what we are about to say goodbye to a year really full of great songs.

For the deep and soulful music, this was the year of Robin Schulz, who made many remixes (including Mr. probz – Waves) and a really strong song that never fails: Prayer In C (with Lilly Wood & The prick). Among other things, the latest Sun Goes Down is having a good response:

Pop music this was the year of Pharrell Williams, with Happy, who with his ballet has totalized more than 530 million views on Youtube. By the way, Happy was also the protagonist of several wedding dance by us for weddings this year!

For the dance, however, this has been the year of Calvin Harris. With Blame, Under Control and especially … Summer! It felt so much that it now has almost a refusal listening to it, but featured no doubt this summer, and in a few years we will remember with pleasure and a bit of nostalgia…

For Italian music, instead, Cremonini has undoubtedly represented a nice confirmation, with Logical # 1 and GreyGoose. Especially Logical # 1, out in early May, which has “survived”for  all the summer. His “secret”? Always be “on track” even as regards the sounds, that winks EDM.

As we mentioned, the roundup could have been much larger, but we hope we’ve hit the mark with the selected pieces, which, however, we have often required during this season that saw many, many successes. Thank you all from the staff of ProfessionalWeddingDJ! GOOD YEAR!


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