Daft Punk: Get Lucky, a special song for the wedding party

Here it is the first single of Daft Punk, “Get Lucky“, and is already in our hearts … It is a track “halftime” with strong funky influences.  The unmistakable groove of the  guitar is Nile Rodgers’ work, leader of Chic (historical group dance of the 70s ). What is new is that the Daft Punk in this song use real instruments, setting aside the fully digital approach of previous work. Also the robotic voice, their trademark, here become more “human”. In short, a piece that “sounds” really well in a nice pre-dinner party with  many young people … It will be appreciated  also by older ones, thanks to sounds with reminiscent of the past. A song for who know music, a song from … ProfessionalWeddingDJ! 

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