Country Chic Wedding in Italy: Music and lights makes the difference

Before talking about the Country Chic in the weddings field, a little example: Country Chic is a style of furniture that is inspired by nature, with elements that resemble flowers and plants, and everything is rustic and references to the campaign. The furnishings are of various colors: there is not the constraint of the white, as in the Shabby Chic; we find dark or light wood, but also green and blue, always strictly in pastel shades.

Just as it happened with the style Shabby Chic (we talked about it HERE), Country Chic has become very popular and has also “infected” the world’s wedding in Italy (for this kind of marriages, also we have many requests from foreign spouses!). In particular, the wedding Country Chic is appreciated by the couples a little ‘”alternative” and nature lovers, that do not like the holidays “combed” the traditional parties, and would like to enjoy, with family and friends, a casual and relaxing day.

FOR THOSE WHO LOVE OPEN SPACES – No need to say, therefore, that the Country Chic wedding is, in the great majority of cases, outdoor. In the choice of location, therefore, start from this criterion, rejecting, for example, the classic villas, perhaps with frescoed rooms, which you “would not live”, preferring places with a nice outdoor area, maybe out of town, a rustic cottage nestled in the hills. Plants and flowers will thus become the real protagonists of your reception. And, why not even of the ceremony: many Country Chic weddings provide the rite (civil or symbolic) directly on location (we also take care of the musical direction and audio service for the ceremony!)

cerimonia countrychic

SIMPLICITY WITH PROFESSIONALISM – Although the wedding Country Chic makes simplicity its point of strength, do not think, however, that the organization is “a step” … far from it! Starting from the invitations and getting to the menu, everything has to be designed to adapt to this style. Consider that, especially if this take place in the evening, these rustic atmosphere can not be messed with modern lighting and a inadequate soundtrack : and at this point, will take care us!

Plants, trees and lights in the harmony of a unique style

Regarding the lighting, we of ProfessionalWeddingDJ© use vintage lights that resemble the old bulbs of a time, but in fact, hide a technological “core” with led, to consume less power and not to risk to blow up the counter for excessive absorption.

Look at how these lights can become one with nature: for example, with the trees in the following photos of events that we have taken care of us!

matrimonio countrychic wedding


lucimatrimonio country chic

Another element that often occurs in these marriages, the gazebo and structures with wooden beams, which are covered by cascades of lights, as well as the typical country “carts” adding a unique “rural” touch.

DJ for weddings Country Chic: Music selected  for a perfect event

The sound track for a wedding Country Chic is also very important. “Designing” a musical line for an event like this leaves a considerable liberty to roam: is not bound to the vintage sounds like Shabby Chic weddings, but are certainly to be discarded selections that are too electronic (very fashionable today, but not suitable for events of this type) to focus on atmospheres more “relaxed”, genuine, not elaborated. Here, the key is exactly this: the music has to be instinctive, without too much superstructures, and must bring up the desire for freedom, peace and of refusal of all that is too “plastered” and formal. Therefore, many pop attractive but soulless pieces are rejected, and privileged acoustic sounds, funky, but also something of “genuine” rock is conceded. Of course, country music, which was born in the early 900 in the southern United States, as a union of various types of popular music, is certainly welcomed, and the playlist that we recommend, is made by the host. But not only:  there are also the Kings Of Convenience or KT Tunstall, which do not belong in this classification, but are ok for the situation.

To listen

Kings Of Convenience – Misread

Colbie Caillat – Bubbly

Patsy Cline – Walkin’ After Midnight

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama

John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads

To dance

Pitbull – Timber

Achy Breaky Hearth Billy Ray Cyrus

Shania Twain – Any man of mine

KT Tunstall – Black Horse and Cherry Three

Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe

However, a board addressed to the newlyweds Italians: if you want “Italianize” a little ‘the concept of a Country Chic marriage, can not miss artists like Ligabue and Jovanotti, Cesare Cremonini, the Articolo 31 and many others. In short, even in this case, a trend imported from America that we are doing become “ours”. With the support of ProfessionalWeddingDJ© we will help you realize your dream Country Chic wedding!


matrimonio country chic