Coronavirus: in Italy, you can now attend wedding parties (even with DJs), but with some restrictions.

Coronavirus Covid: the pandemic situation in Italy, about weddings

After a long wait of three months, we finally got the go-ahead to celebrate weddings in Italy, starting on Monday, June 15. The lock down resulted in about 60,000 postponed weddings (most of them, destination weddings in our country). Couples can now get back on track with reorganizing everything during this period, without having to wait until 2021. With all due caution, of course. There are some rules to be respected during wedding ceremonies, which, not everyone knows: only one organist (and not a choir) is allowed. But let us go and take care of celebrations after the ceremony.

For the security of the guests, whose details must be kept by the hosting location for a period of 14 days, it is necessary to ensure proper cleaning and disinfection of the interior, and to limit opportunities for contagion. Procedures for access to the buffet have also been revised, an indispensable “institution” for aperitifs and a moment that musically, we always like to highlight with elegant and sparkling sounds (take a look here to have an idea about our sound). This “blessing and curse” of wedding parties (because it is always crowded …) will now be more … relaxing, as you must always maintain a distance of at least one meter from each other while queuing for access to the banquet. Even at that, only packaged and portioned meals can be served.

For indoor dining, tables must be at least one meter apart between guests (unless they are relatives, who can also stay closer together). It is therefore the responsibility of the newlyweds and the service manager to organize seating arrangements of guests by relation. Everyone must wear a mask every time they stand up from their tables. This includes when you get up to dance, perhaps during pauses between activities: sure, it’s a bit uncomfortable, but it’s worth it. Bright and fun masks can help to make everything less “serious”, even distracting.  

But can you dance at wedding parties?, in Italy

When celebrating, it is only allowed to dance on dance floors in outdoor venues and dancing in pairs between strangers at close quarters is not allowed. If you are at a relative’s wedding, you can dance safely while keeping a certain distance from the others. While on the dance floor, observe the crowding rate of two square meters per person. DJs, music bands or “live” entertainment are also allowed; but must always keep a distance of one meter between members of the group. Attention, however: each region has adopted its own rules for enforcing social distancing, which might differ from the official decree (read the decree HERE). Music and fun are particularly fundamental in weddings, especially in this period that has put a strain on all Italians and others. “Relieving” the tension of these days with the right music and quality entertainment is the mission of ProfessionalWeddingDJ, even within the constraints of current regulations. We are waiting for you, beautiful couples, in our beloved Italia, to let you dance!