Coronavirus emergengency in Italy: some news regarding destination weddings in our country

From March 10th, the movements in Italy are only allowed for “urgent, verifiable work situations and emergencies or health reasons”, and all religious ceremonies such as marriages, are banned until 3rd April 2020. The Corona Virus emergency has led us to take measures and make changes to our service.

First point: in-person meetings with the spouses: clearly we try to avoid them, but this is not a big news, as far as our way of working is concerned, as we have been trying to meet the spouses remotely with WhatsApp for four years, with Skype, etc… So we are already a “digital business”. We know how to guarantee a 100% experience for our spouses even if they don’t meet in person. And we are also helped by the amount of videos that we have uploaded in recent years, which are fundamental for explaining and showing our work. Here is the link to our Youtube channel.

Point two: probably all the weddings that will take place in April will probably be postponed to may and June. In any case, what have we done to try to move forward? We have tried to increase our staff so that we can guarantee coverage for the month of June which will certainly be challenging, also because, already know, everything is booked. Don’t worry, we are gearing up now, we are able to cope with marriages that could be postponed in the summer months. So rest assured that you will be covered, as always, with the working method that distinguishes us.

Third point: in addition to expanding the workforce, we are also strengthening our strength with regard to the creation of new content, the purchase of new equipment, the search for new music. In short, we are using this period in which there are fewer Live DJ set, to be able to guarantee you an even more a Top service, when we start operating again. In the meantime… a greeting to all, and see you soon in Italy!