Background music for the Wedding Dinner: soft and classy

Accompanying music for dinner: a background that makes the difference for receipt of your Marriage in Italy!

After an aperitif, which often takes place outdoors or in another area of the location, the guests sit down at the table, specifically, we talk about the dinner. After greeting the newlyweds, accompanied by a song chosen by their collaboration, it’s time to propose a “carpet” of music suited to the situation, namely:
. Quality
. well spread
. At an appropriate volume

You should not raise your voice!

For the dinner, as real ProfessionalWeddingDJ, we like to recreate an atmosphere of class, but not boring! The selection, customization according to the preferences of the couple, is of quality both in the repertoire (above, a video with our proposals) and  the diffusion of sound, which must be “clean“, at the right volume (should not force people to raise the voice!), and making sure it is not too high for those who are close to the speaker and to those who are far too low.

After dinner you can dance …!

If the reception is held in prestigious locations such as the ancient villas, usually the dance takes place in a different room than the one of the dinner. We of ProfessionalWeddingDJ have already installed the audio system with lights, to create a magical and unforgettable situation.
After dinner, then, guests are invited to dance! It is a crucial moment… it takes the right music to stimulate the dances! Is not easy to explain the way we select the songs, but is the result of many years of wedding service, to interpret in the best way the evening. Professionalism and style are the elements that characterize our working mode!