A DJ also for the royal wedding

After the sumptuous lunch organized by the Queen, the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to end the “big day” with music and dance. Only 200 (among about 600 guests) were the lucky closest friends selected for the evening party in the nearby Frogmore House an undoubtedly suggestive setting, a mile from the Windsor Castle
The first part of the evening was accompanied by black & soul music played by a live band. Among the favorite songs by Harry and Meghan: “Dancing In The Street” and “Heat Wave” by Martha Reeves and Vandellas, the hit “Soul Man” By Sam and Dave, ” My Girl” by The Temptations, and masterpieces by Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin, with “Respect “and” Think “, from 1968.

And when the atmosphere began to heat up, the official start of the party saw the royal spouses in a surprising first dance. The bride and the groom did not choose an old-fashioned ballad, as many have anticipated, but a song from the ’80s by Whitney Houston, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, far from slow. This song may seem an unlikely choice, but it is really meaningful for the royal bride: in 2016 in an interview Meghan defined it as her “happy song”. And what happier occasion than the first dance in the most important day of her life?


After the opening, the party went on with 80s and 90’s mood and the band delivered “the helm” to the wedding DJ, so to better involve the guests: the wedding DJ has become an entertainment solution now officially accepted also for the exclusive and class events, so much so that it also entered the Olympus of royal marriages. But one DJ is not worth the other … and what are you waiting for? Book a ProfessionalWeddingDJ? Click here.

Coming back to the Royal party, DJ Idris Elba was at the console. He is a british actor (among his credits, the Avengers and Thor) who also performs as a DJ in London clubs under the pseudonym DJ Big Driis. According to rumors, the DJ set began with a piece of Eurythmics, followed by Madonna (Holidays) … the rest … it’s top secret, but we can bet on Wham !, Culture Club, Depeche Mode and many others … until two o’clock.
And while the party of Harry and Meghan was going on, at more than 1000km of distance, we too were at the console for a wedding (Elizabeth and Mary get married) strictly in the revival style … A coincidence that made us feel a bit as Royal DJs ☺
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