7 trials a wedding DJ should pass on first meeting

Seven questions to ask to your wedding DJ

Choosing a DJ for your wedding in Italy is undoubtedly a complex operation, requiring skill, technique and strategy: it is a real “obstacle course”!
But let’s try to reverse the question. What if the DJ had to overcome these obstacles to be chosen by you?
Here are 7 tests that a professional DJ who can be trusted should overcome at the first meeting.

1- First test: Are they punctual?

A perfect wedding day is also a question of timing. Everything must fit perfectly, and knowing how to manage times is a fundamental characteristic that all professionals in the wedding field should have. From the wedding planner to the catering staff, the photographer, and the DJ.
And knowing how to manage time also means being aware of how much time it takes to do things, respecting the time of others, and above all, being punctual.
Therefore, the first meeting with the DJ, by phone, online or live, is a test of punctuality that the DJ should pass to be hired.

2- Second test: Can you also say no?

A professional knows what his field of experience and expertise is. He has a clear idea of his business and his style. And so he can also say no.
Be wary of those who do not ask you specific questions about the event because it is like saying: “I accept all the jobs, then we’ll see”.
Trust those who, from the first meeting, try to understand the event you have in mind and give you indications on the entertainment they have played in the past.
For example, we happened to have to clarify right away that karaoke-style weddings or weddings with tourist village entertainment do not represent the event we organize.

3- Third test: Can you put your needs at the center of the conversation?

If the DJ you contacted avoids talking too much about himself, leaving out the details of his career (avoiding listing all the clubs he has worked in), it is not for lack of experience but because he knows the most important thing is to interact with the client.
The DJ who focuses on the couple’s questions, tastes, and ideas for the big day (and less on himself) is welcome! Especially if you are dealing with an italian DJ who deals with international wedding parties.
To allow you to check previous experiences and curriculum vitae, the DJ should always invite you to visit his website for further information on the case.

4- Fourth test: Is it correct in the approach?

Professional fairness can be seen in many things. One of these is how you relate to your competitors.
If the DJ, instead of valuing and explaining his service, denigrates his competitors, giving their names, is incorrect and also shows a limited self-esteem.
Those who are sure of their proposal need not make comparisons with others, much less speak ill of it.

5- Fifth test: Does it express itself clearly?

Behind the work of the DJ, there is much technique in the performance. And very important is the technical equipment used and the choices related to it. Therefore, the DJ must explain everything clearly without resorting to too specific and technical terms that do not help understanding and risk remaining bombastic but meaningless words.
And then, the technical equipment is functional to the result you want to achieve and must never be the protagonist: talking about the amplifier, speakers and computer processor is inappropriate. Rather, the DJ should provide you with a few clear elements, focusing attention on what can be used and how to best create the party! For example, we also use photos of our sets, already made, in very different environments and events to explain that it is possible to adapt the equipment to the event.

6- Sixth test: Did he respect the estimate?

It is always important to have an idea of the price of a service right away. Still, if you have not yet had the opportunity to meet the DJ and clarify the fundamental aspects of the event, be wary of those who send you a quote lightly.
It’s ideal to work with a DJ who, aware of the complexity of an event such as a wedding, shows you, in the first instance, a price suggestion and perfects the quote only after a meeting.
Remember: the DJ who has already released a quote before the meeting (perhaps without asking you any specific questions) should always respect it. Sometimes this generates confusion or misunderstanding.

7- Seventh test: Is the DJ able to give you value or does he just play on the price?

A professional wedding DJ doesn’t propose himself for the lowest price. Instead, he highlights other aspects of his service, such as the skill in setting up the sound and lighting systems, and the ability to always keep the floor full when it’s time to dance.
A low cost DJ focuses more on the quantity of weddings than on quality. This means that he could also have two events on the same day and not guarantee any time flexibility. He will also be less inclined to listen to your needs, to meet you and decide with you how to organize everything for the best, because time has a cost that cannot fall within the low budget. So, be careful, and take all your decisions consciously.