2022 wedding in Italy: the most interesting trends

Weddings are not to be seen as something “static”, but as something dynamic according to trends and times. This does not mean that they are like a Prêt-à-Porter dress that has to be changed every year; the cornerstones of good taste, hospitality, and attention to detail should always be present.  Taking this into consideration, things have changed a bit in recent months, the infamous Corona Virus brought some of these changes. Here are the main 2022 trends which we have seen in the request lists of our spouses (clients), also taking into account the opinions of wedding planners, influencers, and magazines.

Social life has been restricted in these two years, or almost. We have been returning from years of small and intimate marriages, which, inevitably, forced us to “thin out” the guest lists. But today, even in view of a beautiful season in which the virus (hopefully) is giving up and social life gradually returning to normal, many couples have expressed their desire to organize big weddings. To confirm this trend for the 2022 wedding parties, the guest lists are getting longer again, and it is not uncommon for them to reach 150 people (which, especially for destination weddings in Italy, the business we work on, is a considerable number).

“Big” weddings, however, are not synonymous with “great fanfare weddings”, this type of style is now a thing of the past, and the tendency is to move towards very refined “casual” weddings where formalities are left aside for more relaxed events and youth; particularly “tailor-made”.

2 Evening Receptions and “Weekend Weddings”

Evening celebrations which were once the exception over the years have become increasingly frequent in Italy, and the 2022 trend sees the trend consolidating. There is therefore a desire to create, with the right lighting, a more intimate and magical atmosphere (for dinner) and more engaging when you go dancing on the floor. And hand in hand with this recent trend is the tendency to “spread” the wedding party over several days, if you start the wedding party in the evening, time is limited, and not all locations allow celebrating until 3 am. And yes, if your guests come from abroad, it could be an opportunity to spend a different weekend than usual (this situation often happens to us at our weddings, as we deal with destination weddings in Italy).
All this, however, is not always possible. The accumulation of requests from the current year with those of the previous year meant that most of the weekend dates were occupied, “forcing” the spouses to choose midweek days. In this case, the advice is to change the setting to daytime, to also enjoy the evening without having to rush your guests.

Perhaps it is because, in times of lockdown, the couple had more time to think about how to make the wedding party unique, but it is undeniable that there is a surge in requests for customization to touch every aspect of the wedding. The best wedding planners, in fact, report that customers often require a unique concept, from start to finish, implemented in a way that is not too banal but modern, fun, and colorful. Sometimes, inspired by films and fairy tales, but “mixed” with their own ideas. And also on a musical level, we have noticed this phenomenon; often, focused on highly sought after and trendy music, to “put your signature” on your day of life. And we clearly try to help that type of spouses, drawing from our musical knowledge, and without making them forget that the wedding party is a “choral” event, so the tastes and expectations of the guests should never be forgotten.

4 Want To Be Outdoors Trend  

In the last two years, especially for security reasons due to Covid, the spouses have had to opt for the “outdoorsolution, and it seems that … they got a taste for it. There are more and more wedding parties in which the entire reception takes place outdoors, from the ceremony to the dances. Obviously, this solution has many advantages, but also some contraindications. For example, it is always necessary to plan a “Plan b” that allows you to carry out the celebrations indoors (or at least, in the shelter of a suitable decor without being cramped in the rooms as in a can of sardines). This point is often overlooked. In any case, even if the party takes place outside, we will be able to create your perfect soundtrack, with suitable audio systems: do not forget that outside, the great dispersion of sound requires you to equip yourself with very powerful amplifiers and that, of course, “sounds good”. And for the lights? Well, even outdoors we can create beautiful lighting effects.

5 Sustainable And Eco-Friendly: this will be the trendy wedding in 2022

Fortunately, the “Greta Thunberg effect” also had its effect on wedding parties. In fact, more and more spouses care about protecting the environment, ensuring that the eco-friendly wedding trend is growing. But how can this attention to sustainability be concretized? For example, focus on recycled materials and local and seasonal flowers (even better, in pots and not cut), as regards the arrangements, and, as regards food, give preference to local raw materials (at “zero kilometers…” or almost) and organic. Handicraft products (jams, for example) are often preferred to classic wedding gifts, and invitations can be printed on special recycled paper. And what about the music?

Well, you know that very little electricity is needed to operate our sophisticated systems! We at ProfessionalWeddingDJ use modern and technological equipment, for example, the class D Amplification allows for powers in the order of thousands (!) of Watts with minimum consumption, at the level of those of a light bulb. And the colored lighting that enlivens the dance on the dance floor … despite the really “great” effect, it is satisfied with about twenty watts. An advantage for the environment and for … the electrical system which with these low consumptions, does not risk jumping because the absorption is increased too much. Feel free to schedule a call with us, and, please, take a look to our article about how to choose the right wedding DJ!